Qigong Classes

The Longevity Center offers Qigong classes for personal healing, consciousness transformation, and energy cultivation. Following the first year of Qigong class, we offer a 2-year Advanced Medical Qigong course for healthcare professionals and laypersons, culminating in a Certificate of Advanced Medical Qigong issued by The Longevity Center.

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Beginning/Ongoing Qigong (16-Week series)

Now Taking Registrations for Section B

This in-depth 16-week course (two 8-week sections) will present the beginning student to foundational Qigong exercises, meditations, and theories, to help them begin energy cultivation. The class emphasizes self-healing and consciousness transformation through still and moving postures, breathing techniques, and imagery.

  • Basic theories and three regulations of Qigong
  • Dilation of the 12 regular meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians
  • Emotional detoxification
  • Opening 3 energetic centers (Dan Tiens)
  • Strengthening your protective energy field (Wei Qi)

16-Week course begins with 8-week Section A OR 8-Week Section B. These sections do not have the same content but for a few practices like the Standing or the Clearing exercise.

Section B introduces a new powerful energizing routine. This new Qigong healing set will reinforce the opening of all the major energy pathways of the body.

The foundational principles and concepts will also be presented to introduce/reinforce correct practice.

Integrating the three energy centers, strengthening the guardian Qi, and reinforcing immune function techniques will also be taught.

This segment will culminate with traditional esoteric practices that will enhance one’s higher connection to nature.

Please note: This online comprehensive course has been reformatted.

Taught/Directed by Arnold Tayam, Prof., D.M.Q., D.T.C.M. (China)

Want to know more? Here’s Professor Tayam explaining the class and what you can expect.

16-Week Series (weekly Saturday classes)

Prerequisite: None
Modality: Online
Class Length: (2) 8-Week Sections=16 Weeks
When: Section B for new students and continuing Sec. A students starts Saturday, September 26, 2020, 1 – 2:30 pm Pacific Time. Class meets for 8 weeks on consecutive Saturdays.
Tuition: Section B: $440 (if paid by 12 midnight 9/17/2020)
$475 (if paid between 9/18 and 12 midnight 9/24/2020)
$500 (if paid on 9/25 or 9/26/2020)

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Beginning Qigong Section B Demo Set

Complete Wudang 8 Qigong Set

All classes offered at the Longevity Center location in San Jose are postponed until further notice. In the meantime, take an online class or check out the Online Media Store for instruction and practice videos.


Awakening Qi

Awakening Qi is a free 30-minute online practice class led by Professor Arnold Tayam. Professor Tayam will present a series of beginning Qi practices that require no previous knowledge and are designed to help you start on a path of physical and mental healing and wellness. This class is of value to anyone regardless of their physical capabilities. Each class is unique, focusing on different Qi practices.

Want to know more? Here’s Professor Tayam explaining the class and what you can expect.

Qigong for Kids

In this online class, children, along with an adult, will learn a few simple but powerful Qigong techniques in an interactive format.

These practices are designed to activate the higher energy potential in the child which raises their intelligence level.

We welcome you to join us for a morning of learning and play.

This class will be taught by Arnold E. Tayam, Prof., D.M.Q., D.T.C.M. (China), and his son, Kai Tayam, Associate Director.

Want to know more? Here’s Professor Tayam explaining the class and what children and parents can expect.

Prerequisite: None
Suggested Age Range: Grade School to Pre-Teen
Length: About 1 hour

Advanced Medical Qigong Certification (2nd and 3rd year)

This 2-year residential program is offered after completion of Beginning & Intermediate Qigong, culminating in a Certification in Advanced Medical Qigong issued by The Longevity Center.

  • Chinese medicine theory and principles
  • Qi emission modalities, Power building, Advanced skill development
  • Modulation of common energetic dysfunction
  • Formulas for internal regulation
  • Advanced external qi emission
  • Case studies, Clinical internship, Teacher development
  • Advanced Medical Qigong course topics
Prerequisite: Beginning and Intermediate Qigong (1 year)
Class Length:
24 months  (4 Terms)
When: Tuesdays
Time:   7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
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Intermediate Qigong

Emphasizes development of energetic skill, volume, and sensitivity for personal health and clinical application.

  • Advanced cleansing process
  • Development of energetic sensitivity and perception skills
  • Increased energetic projection skills
  • Increased energetic assessment skills
  • Introduction to clinical applications
Class Length: 24 Weeks
Prerequisite: Beginning Qigong

The Registration For This Class is Closed.

Introductory Qigong

Taught/Directed by Arnold Tayam, Prof., D.M.Q., D.T.C.M.,(China)

This one class presents Meditation and Movement. In it, Prof. Tayam teaches the student a complete set of movements to strengthen the whole body, including the internal organs, and help to promote good health and increase longevity (not included in other Qigong courses).

  • Simple yet effective Qigong practice
  • Healing meditation attendees are allowed to audio record

This class is not currently being offered.


Four Brocades Set – Hold Ball Meditation (for registered students only), Arnold Tayam, Prof., D.M.Q., D.T.C.M. (China) Master Instructor-Shifu

Beginning Qigong – Four-Part Half Day Intensive Series 

This four part Intensive Series is particularly designed to contain essentially the same material as in the Beginning Qigong six month series. It is important to note that this is an accelerated format and usually, to obtain certain results, the content must be practiced diligently over a similar period of time. This format is usually more ideal for students from out-of-town, as well as students seeking a time slot that may be more amenable to their schedule.

This class is not currently being offered.