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  • Beginning Qigong: $400/12 wks, $720/24 wks (if paid by first day of class)
  • Four Part Intensives: $660 for full series
  • Intermediate Qigong:¬†$400/12 wks, $720/24 wks (if paid by first day of class)
  • Beginning Ongoing Tai Chi: $400/12 wks, $720/24 wks (if paid by first day of class)
  • Infinite Bagua Circle Walking: $200 every 8 weeks, $270 for 12 weeks, $540 for entire 24 week course
  • Refund Policy: 80% before class start date, full monthly fee due at midterm and/or term.¬†regardless of missed or partially attended classes;¬†Private session/class fees non-refundable (credit may be used for classes/products)