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During these difficult and uncertain times, we need to support our health for a stronger immune system and for emotional and mental clarity.

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Arnold E. Tayam, Director of The Longevity Center with over 30 years experience, holds a Doctorate in Medical Qigong offering private clinic sessions using Medical Qigong and Chinese Bodywork practices based on Chinese Energetic Modalities. These modalities affect the energy in unique ways and are designed to work in harmony with each other or can be individually applied. 

Medical Qigong/Distance Healing Session
As energetic bodywork, this aspect is applied through non-touching methods (distance healing) to re-balance patterns of energetic dysfunction.
Bodywork: This involves a number of different techniques such as Tui Na, Acupressure, and An Mo to manipulate the soft tissue and influence the flow of energy in the body throughout the meridian system.

Qigong Individual Instruction
This modality incorporates special methods of breathing, posture, and mental concentration to cleanse, gather, circulate, balance and strengthen the body’s energetic system.
Self-regulation: This aspect involves the instruction, guidance and monitoring of practices and individually designed exercises to meet your specific needs.
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Operating in accordance with SB577 for non-licensed professionals


Ancient Chinese medical theory holds that humans are a complex energy body comprised of an intricate network of energy pathways or channels. There are twelve main organ meridians, channels, and eight extraordinary vessels in which there are over 360 points that are attributed to individual functions and benefits.