Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson
Jerry Allen Johnson

“I have personally and privately taught Arnold for over 20 years. He excels in both Medical Qigong (he graduated early from the original 7-year Masters of Medical Qigong course), and went with me several times to China (for several months) to study. He also graduated from the same TCM university in Beijing as  I, and is licensed as a Doctor of Medical Qigong.

In the Martial Arts, he studied Shaolin for several years before training with me (a good base for Chinese Wu Dang training). He has been one of my most trusted senior disciples for many years and was promoted to Shifu (master instructor) in 3 systems of Wu Dang Gong Fu: Baguazhang, Yang Family Taijiquan, and Chen Family Taijiquan. The systems that I teach all include forms training, combat, 2-man fighting sets, weapons, traumatology, herbology, massage, nei gong, qi gong, and shen gong training.”

– Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson


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