Infin8Bagua is rooted in the ancient Wudang Mountain tradition. This tradition draws upon the 3 classical schools of energy:
Medical, Martial and Spiritual self-realization.

This complete system of Longevity is based in energy cultivation for physical, metal, emotional and spiritual transformation.


Stess Reduction.   Increased Energy.  Strengthen Digestion
Balance Emotions.  Improve Circulation. Enhance Immune System
Heighten Awareness.  Sharpen Concentration. Strengthen Body

In this Intensive, the Infinite Bagua Circle Walking forms will be taught in adddition to Qigong, warmup and meditation practices. Focus will be on learning the energy movement sequences for practical health purposes for healing and self-transformation.

Additionally, traditional explanations will be given for the connections of the movements in correspondence with the I Ching, The Book of Changes, which serves as the master template for the entire Infnite Bagua energy system.

DATES: Form 1 Class: Sundays, April 23 & 30 COMPLETED
Form 2 Class: Sundays, May 21 & 28
TIME:   1:30 – 4:30 pm (approx. 6 hrs.)
TUITION: $200/Form (Total $400 both forms)
1101 S. Wincheste Blvd. M255
San Jose, CA 95128

4/23 & 4/30 Form 1:           5/21 & 5/28 Form 2:
Introduction                        Introduction
Warm Up                              Warm Up
Infinite Bagua Qigong        Infinite Bagua Qigong
Stepping                                Stepping
Form 1, 8 Sections*           Form 2, 8 Sections
(Prerequisite: Form 1)
*For those who know the form, new training sequences will be introduced.

PLEASE PAY FOR CLASS ONLINE under the classes tab on the home page. This will also register you.  For assistance, leave a message at 408-554-8008

Classes are directed and taught by Arnold E. Tayam, Prof., D.M.Q. (China)