We are all uniting as one to keep our families, our friends, and ourselves safe and well; uniting our mind, body, and spirit gives us the strength and the resolve to do so.

In this difficult time, The Longevity Center is offering many of our most popular classes (and some new ones) in an online format. We’re also focused on offering private distance healing and online individual instruction sessions using free software. 

Here is my list of suggestions and practices to help you support your immune system and your sense of well-being. This document is a PDF to view online or download.

Arnold Tayam, Director of The Longevity Center


New COVID-19 Research Articles

There are a growing number of medical papers and articles discussing the use of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help COVID-19 patients. We've gathered a number of these articles in a new section of the Research page called COVID-19. As more articles become available, we'll keep this Research section updated.