Distance Healing and Online Individual Instruction

At this time, most of us practice social distancing. While this is vital to keep from being infected or infecting others, it can also be mentally and physically trying. Stay Well with Social Distancing Healing.

To help you continue your wellness journey through these confusing and difficult times, The Longevity Center is offering online sessions of Qigong distance healing as well as individual instruction.

For your health and healing, email us (info@longevity-center.com) or call us (408-554-8008) to schedule your online sessions.

Distance Healing

Practiced for centuries in the Far East, distance healing, also known as remote healing, is a form of energetic bodywork that is applied through non-touching methods to re-balance patterns of energetic dysfunction.

Usually, in a clinical setting, energetic bodywork is hands-on. Both the client and healing practitioner are in the same room. In order to re-balance a client’s patterns of energetic dysfunction, the practitioner has physical or near-physical contact with the client.

Distance healing works in a similar way, except that the practitioner and client are physically separated. The practitioner can send healing energies to the client over any distance. While distance healing can be just as effective as an in-person clinical session, the client in any energetic bodywork modality must be open to receiving the practitioner’s healing energies. This may happen easily or it may take practice. Just as with the individual instruction sessions, distance healing sessions are tailored specifically to your needs.

Individual Instruction

These sessions can incorporate special methods of breathing, posture, and mental concentration to cleanse, gather, circulate, balance, and strengthen the body’s energetic system. The instruction sessions are tailored specifically to your needs as determined by your instructor in consultation with you.