Cosmic Tour Bagua

This class is not currently being offered.

Cosmic Tour Bagua (also referred to as Taoist Bagua) is unique in the way that it epitomizes the cycles of energy transformation as presented in the I Ching. Unlike other Bagua systems that emphasize the martial arts applications, Cosmic Tour Bagua focuses upon energetic development for health and spiritual transformation beyond physical bounds.

The Cosmic Tour Bagua system consists of two main sets:


The Merry-Go-Round set has a total of eleven simple postures that are practiced by walking in a circle in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Beginners usually find this set very easy and simple to learn.

 Cosmic Tour Bagua Transformations

This second set is comprised of eight smaller parts that are reflective of the eight main energy transformations of the I Ching. These individual parts vary in the number of movements and levels of complexity. Arnold Tayam is currently the only person authorized to teach the entire system of Cosmic Tour Bagua, recognized through the CHI Health Institute (a division of the College of Tao). Only members in good standing that have been properly certified are authorized to teach the movement arts of the Ni family.


Please note: Videotaping and photographing are prohibited

Transformation One “The Whirlpool”
Transformation Two “Rotating Earth”
Transformation Three “Rumbling Thunder”
Transformation Four “The Gentle Wind”
Transformation Five “Changing Sky”
Transformation Six “Majestic Mountain”
Transformation Seven “Effervescent Lake”
Transformation Eight “Transforming Fire”