Herb Tonics for Health and Longevity

This class is not currently being offered.

To Empower Your Longevity, Health, and Prevention

Taught by Dr. Michael Tierra, author of Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Vol I & II (Lotus Press, 1998). For more information about the instructor, view this page.

Come to this short introductory workshop and learn how to prepare elixirs and easily prepared – and delicious – foods combining tonic herbs such as ginseng, dang gui, go ji berries and many others with common food preparations.

Dr. Tierra is going to bring his herbs, as well as prepare the tonics in the class and also has agreed to sign his books (you must purchase the books in advance). Dr. Tierra’s books include:

  • Way of Herbs (sold over 450,000 copies)
  • Planetary Herbology
  • The Way of Chinese Herbs

The books are sold online at Dr. Tierra’s Web site planetherbs.com, as well as on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retail book Web sites.

What you will learn from this 2-hour course is:

  • The healing energy of foods and herbs for healing various diseases.
  • How to save money by preparing your own elixirs.
  • Where to purchase herbs and questions regarding quality. 
  • How to use Dr. Michael Tierra’s select Planetary Herb Products distributed online, herb or Natural food stores.