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Beginning/Ongoing Qigong Online Class

This in-depth 16-week course will present the beginning student to foundational…

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Distance Healing/Online Individual Instruction

In this difficult time, with most people sheltering in place, The Longevity…

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Beginning/Ongoing Tai Chi

Tai Ji Quan, Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan are based upon Qigong, self-defense and Taoist principles. These Wudang systems are particularly noted for healing, strength, power, health and longevity. Training is presented on several different levels, emphasizing structural integration as a foundation for energetic development and martial applications. This class introduces instruction in the Wudang and Yang style forms, including Qigong exercises.

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Six Healing Sounds

This set of sounds, or healing breaths, are designed to detoxify the body of…

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Wudang 8 Qigong Video

Arnold Tayam, Prof., D.M.Q. (China) Master Instructor-ShifuDescription: Runtime:…

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Infin8Bagua Qigong Video

This Qigong instructional video series is designed to awaken the energetic healing potential that all beings possess. Set in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, this video features stunning nature footage combined with the beautiful soothing music of PC Davidoff and the guidance of Arnold E. Tayam, Professor, Doctor of Medical Qigong and Director of The Longevity Center.

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