Introductory Tai Chi

This online introductory class is designed to present Tai Chi through the slow, gentle and healing movements of 8 select traditional postures.

Awakening Qi – Free Class – TBD

Awakening Qi is a free 30-minute online class. It presents a series of beginning Qi practices that require no previous knowledge. These practices are designed to help you start on a path of physical and mental healing and wellness.

Tai Chi 24-Posture Yang Style

Tai Chi 24-Posture Yang Style is the most popularly practiced in the world. Relative to other styles, 24 Yang is easier to learn. Its soft, slow, circular healing movements make it ideal for energetic cultivation for health and spirituality.

Tai Chi 36-Posture Yang Style Series

The 36-Yang style posture is a very popular form. This form contains the same  characteristics as the 24-Yang form but is slightly longer in length and offers some variations.