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  • Five Treasures Set

    This class introduces students to an easy to learn Qigong practice called the Five Treasures set. Five Treasures is a perfect beginner’s class with an easy-to-learn set of postures.

  • I Ching

    This class introduces students to the practice of the I Ching for self-cultivation. The I Ching system was created by the ancients from their careful observations of nature. We “moderns” can use the sixty-four hexagrams found in the I Ching as a predictive tool to enhance our lives and reconcile our spiritual and physical selves.

  • Introductory Qigong

    This class teaches the student movements to strengthen the whole body, including the internal organs, and helps to promote good health and increase longevity.

  • Introductory Tai Chi

    This online introductory class is designed to present Tai Chi through the slow, gentle and healing movements of 8 select traditional postures.

  • Introductory Bagua Circle Walking

    Bagua Circle Walking is a complete practice and is simple to learn. In this class, you will be introduced to Qigong and Circle Walking exercises.

  • Intermediate Qigong

    The Intermediate Qigong class emphasizes students’ development of energetic skill, volume, and sensitivity for personal health and clinical application.

  • Beginning/Ongoing Qigong

    Beginning Qigong Section A is an in-depth, 5-week intensive class and is part 1 of a 2-part class. In it, the beginning student learns foundational Qigong exercises, meditations, and theories. These help students begin energy cultivation.

  • Wudang 8 Qigong Streaming Videos

    Wudang 8 Qigong Streaming Videos

    This Qigong set, performed by Professor Arnold Tayam, is designed to dilate and gently tonify and regulate the main energetic organ meridian pathways. When practicing this as a set, one must follow the order presented; however, individual movements can be practiced singularly for more specific application.

  • Herbal Tonics for Health and Longevity Video with Dr. Michael Tierra

    Herbal Tonics for Health and Longevity Video with Dr. Michael Tierra

    This two-part, 2.5 hour video captures Dr. Michael Tierra’s March 8, 2020, talk presented by The Longevity Center. Dr. Tierra shows you how to make elixirs and easily prepared – and delicious – foods combining tonic herbs such as ginseng, dang gui, go ji berries, and many others, with common food preparations.

  • Internal Body Scan & Ice Water Mist Audio Meditations

    Internal Body Scan & Ice Water Mist Audio Meditations

    Downloadable MP3s Track 1: Internal Body Scan Meditation – 12 minutes Track 2: Ice Water Mist Meditation – 15 minutes


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I understand that this class/clinic is for the basic purpose of health maintenance, not for any treatment of any specific illness, injury or condition. I understand that the instructor/therapist, and his assistants, are not qualified to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness, and nothing said or taught in class/clinic can be constructed as such. I understand that the class/clinic is not a substitute for any treatment by a licensed healthcare professional, and I will not attempt to use it as such.

I release the instructor/therapist and his assistant(s), the author and publisher, and the owners and operators of the premises on which the classes/clinics are conducted, from any liability for my class/clinic participation and will hold him or her harmless for any results of this class/clinic.

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