Advanced Medical Qigong

Class Description

This 2-year residential program culminates in a Certification in Advanced Medical Qigong issued by The Longevity Center.

Topics covered include:

  • Chinese medicine theory and principles
  • Qi emission modalities, Power building, Advanced skill development
  • Modulation of common energetic dysfunction
  • Formulas for internal regulation
  • Advanced external Qi emission
  • Case studies, Clinical internship, Teacher development

your instructor

Professor Arnold Tayam, D.M.Q., D.T.C.M. (China), Master Instructor Shifu of Tai Chi & Bagua

Class details

Prerequisite: Beginning/Ongoing Qigong and Intermediate Qigong
Level: Advanced
Modality: Classroom
Length: 2 years

This program is temporarily closed to new students due to COVID-19.

Detailed topic list

  • Introduction to and Overview of Chinese Medical Qigong
  • Energetic Formation of the Human Body
  • Physical Development and Structural Formation
  • The Energies of the Human Body
  • The Three Dantians and the Taiji Pole
  • The Twelve Organ Meridians
  • The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Collaterals
  • Qi Energetic Points of the Body
  • The Extraordinary Yang Organs

  • Introduction to the 3 Universal Forces
  • The 3 Treasures of Heaven: Sun, Moon, Stars
  • The 3 Treasures of Earth: Earth, Water, Wind
  • The 3 Treasures of Man: Jing, Qi, Shen

  • Introduction to Dao Yin Training
  • Postural Dao Yin Training
  • Respiratory Dao Yin Training
  • Mental Dao Yin Training

  • Introduction to Qi Deviations
  • Disorders and Deviations of the Soul and Spirit

  • Introduction to Differential Assessment
  • Assessment according to the Eight Energetic Principles
  • Assessment according to Qi, Blood, and Body Fluid
  • Assessment according to the Five Element Theories
  • Other Assessment Systems and Techniques
  • Clinical Examination and Assessment

  • Clinic Protocols and Guidelines
  • Medical Qigong Therapy with other healing modalities
  • Precautions and Ethical Considerations for the Qigong Practitioner
  • Principles and Parameters of Medical Qigong Therapy

  • Balancing the Body’s Energetic System
  • The Magic Square of the Yellow River
  • Healing Emotional Traumas
  • Energy Extension and Qi Manipulation Techniques
  • Qi Extension, Guidance, and Regulation Techniques
  • The Invisible Needle Theory and Application
  • Energetic Point Therapy
  • Medical Qigong Massage

  • Introduction to Medical Qigong Formulas and Regulation
  • Specific Organ Self-Massage
  • Medical Qigong Self-Regulation Exercises
  • Taoist Qigong Self-Regulation Exercises

  • Qi Projection Therapy and Liver energetic imbalances
  • Qi Projection Therapy and Heart energetic imbalances
  • Qi Projection Therapy and Spleen/Stomach energetic imbalances
  • Qi Projection Therapy and Lung energetic imbalances
  • Qi Projection Therapy and Kidney energetic imbalances
  • Qi Projection Therapy and Miscellaneous energetic imbalances

  • Qi Projection Therapy and Children
  • Qi Projection Therapy and Seniors
  • Qi Projection Therapy and Women’s Health Issues
  • Qi Emission Therapy and Neurology
  • Qi Emission Therapy and Psychology
  • Qi Emission Therapy and Cancer Supportive Care
  • Qi Emission Therapy and Radiation/Chemotherapy
  • Qi Emission Therapy and Surgery

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Terms and Conditions

By participating in a class or clinic session at The Longevity Center, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

The Longevity Center class/clinic is intended to present information and techniques according to the instructor/therapist’s best knowledge and experience, and is to be used by the student at his or her own discretion. The adoption and application of the material offered in the class/clinic must therefore be the student’s own responsibility.

I understand that this class/clinic is for the basic purpose of health maintenance, not for any treatment of any specific illness, injury or condition. I understand that the instructor/therapist, and his assistants, are not qualified to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any physical or mental illness, and nothing said or taught in class/clinic can be constructed as such. I understand that the class/clinic is not a substitute for any treatment by a licensed healthcare professional, and I will not attempt to use it as such.

I release the instructor/therapist and his assistant(s), the author and publisher, and the owners and operators of the premises on which the classes/clinics are conducted, from any liability for my class/clinic participation and will hold him or her harmless for any results of this class/clinic.

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