Arnold E. Tayam

Professor, Doctorate Medical Qigong, D.T.C.M. (China) Master Instructor Shifu of Tai Chi & Bagua, Taoist Teacher

As Director of The Longevity Center with over 30 years experience, he conducts a Clinical Medical Qigong practice, offering private Medical Qigong healing sessions, as well as private instruction and classes in Chinese Medical Qigong, Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi), Bagua Zhang, Yi-Quan and the Taoist arts.

He is an  internationally recognized Master Instructor and a graduate of Haidian University of Beijing, graduate of the International Institute of Medical Qigong, Dean of InfiniChi Institute International at Yo San University, served as Professor of Medical Qigong at Five Branches University and is a featured instructor and designer for several professional Qigong and Tai Ji works, video and book publications.

Professor Tayam has taught for universities, hospitals and clinics, including Stanford University CIM, SCSP, and IVF. He also has served on the Board of Directors for the National Qigong Association.