We are all uniting as one to keep our families, our friends, and ourselves safe and well; uniting our mind, body, and spirit gives us the strength and the resolve to do so.

In this difficult time, The Longevity Center is focused on offering private distance healing and online individual instruction sessions using free software. In addition, we’ll be offering more online classes.

Here is a list of suggestions and practices created by Professor Tayam to help you support your immune system and your sense of well-being. This document is a PDF to view online or download.

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Beginning/Ongoing Qigong is Coming Online July 11

This in-depth 16-week course will present the beginning student to foundational Qigong exercises, meditations, and theories, to help them begin energy cultivation. The class emphasizes self-healing and consciousness transformation through still and moving postures, breathing techniques, and imagery. Register for 8-weeks or 16-weeks.

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New Herbal Tonics Video Bundle is Now Available

Herbal Tonics for Health and Longevity is a 2-part, 2.5-hour video where Dr. Michael Tierra shows you how to make elixirs and easily prepared, delicious foods combining tonic herbs such as ginseng, dang gui, go ji berries, and many others, with common food preparations.

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