Six Healing Sounds


Full Set (38 minutes)

Individual parts:

Overview and Meditation 7 minutes


Metal Element (Lungs – Grief) 6 minutes


Water Element (Kidneys – Fear) 6 minutes


Wood Element (Liver – Anger) 6 minutes


Fire Element (Heart – Anxiety) 4 minutes


Earth Element (Spleen – Worry) 6 minutes


Triple Heater (All organs) 8 minutes


This set of sounds, or healing breaths, are designed to detoxify the body of negative emotions. These negative emotions usually create disruptions in one’s health and well-being that can lead to more serious imbalances.

In the Chinese medical system, each major internal organ is associated with specific negative emotions; this method can be easily practiced as a set or individually utilized:

  • Grief in the lungs
  • Fear in the kidneys
  • Anger in the liver
  • Anxiety in the heart
  • Worry in the spleen

These audio meditations are set up in an easy to follow format.

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