Mike Chegini

Longevity Center Associate, C.A.M.Q., Qigong & Tai Chi Instructor, Tai Ji Quan and Bagua Zhang lineage-disciple

Mike is a Senior Qigong Instructor, Tai Chi and Bagua lineage-disciple under Arnold E. Tayam, with over 15 years of experience. As an associate of the Longevity Center, he conducts Medical Qigong therapy sessions, and offers classes/private instruction in Medical Qigong and Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi).

He is a lineage-disciple instructor in Tai Ji Quan (Chen and Yang style), as well as in Bagua Zhang (Yin Fu and Cheng Ting Hua lineages).

Along with his private practice, Mike has taught Medical Qigong courses for Five Branches University and assisted in Stanford University’s Cancer Supportive Care Medical Qigong program.