Beginning Ongoing Tai Chi

Tai Ji Quan, Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan are based upon Qigong, self-defense and Taoist principles. These Wudang systems are particularly noted for healing, strength, power, health and longevity. Training is presented on several different levels, emphasizing structural integration as a foundation for energetic development and martial applications. This class introduces instruction in the Wudang and Yang style forms, including Qigong exercises. The advanced class includes silk-reeling, neigong exercises, push hands, and partner practices.
Taught/Directed by Arnold Tayam, Prof., D.M.Q. (China)
Master Instructor-Shifu

Recommended Prerequisites: Intro Qigong, Intro Tai Chi

Class Length:  24 weeks
Starting Date: Sept. 03, 2019
When: Tuesdays, 6:15PM – 7:15PM
Tuition Structure:  $300/12wks, $540/24wks


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