Wood Element

Keys To Understanding Wood:

  • seeks challenge and pushes to the limit
  • enjoys and does well under pressure
  • admires speed, novelty, and skill
  • loves action, movement, and adventure
  • likes to be first, best, and only

Typical Problems:

  • intolerance and impatience
  • volatile emotions
  • extremist, in either external or internal way
  • headaches, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, nerve inflammations, migratory pain
  • abuse of stimulants and sedatives

A Friendly Reminder:
The power of Wood comes from the capacity to rapidly expand and build up pressure. Wood types need to modulate their intensity and stay flexible, to be able to retreat and yield as well as surge forward and be undaunted.

The Five Element Personality Questionnaire is extracted and used with permission from “Between Heaven and Earth”, written by Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold.

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