Metal Element

Keys To Understanding Metal:

  • likes definition, structure, and discipline
  • respects virtue, discretion, authority
  • seeks to live according to reason and principle
  • holds self and others to the highest standards
  • reveres beauty, ceremony, and refinement

Typical Problems:

  • indifference and inhibition
  • autocratic, strict, and persnickety
  • formal, distant, and unnatural
  • stiff joints and muscles, dry skin and hair, shallow breathing, sensitive to climate, poor circulation
  • self-righteousness and disillusionment

A Friendly Reminder:
The power of Metal comes from the capacity to shape and refine. Metal types need to compensate for their rationality, self-control, and meticulousness with passion, spontaneity, and social involvement.

The Five Element Personality Questionnaire is extracted and used with permission from “Between Heaven and Earth”, written by Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold.

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